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Information Needed

Information Needed on Andrew Jackson Tucker
Wondering if anyone has any info on my grandfather who was born in Petros, Tennessee, on 22 Mar 1907, his parents were James Knox (Polk) Tucker, (1878-1941) & Nelia Beatrice Lowery Tucker (1882-1914),  also born in Petros.  Thank you.  Janet B. Holt, jbholt54@hotmail.com  

Information Needed on Clarence Clark

Hi, my father was fromWar, and I am trying to find any information on his family. My father was Clarence Clark. His parents were Arthur and Mary (Webb) Clark. His siblings are Earl, Thelma and Sherman. In 1930 and 1940, he lived on route 608, straight hollow house # 208. Please contact me with any information.  Teri.  Teri60@Aol.com 
Information Needed on Bradford Dickens
I am looking for information on Bradford Dickens (my father) who graduated from Big Creek in 1937 or 38. Any help would be appreciated.
John Dickens  E-mail: johnldickens@embarqmail.com.


Information Needed on
"Sport" Dameron

My grandfather was Aubrey Ernest Dameron. He went by the name of "Sport" Dameron. He worked in the Caretta mine for over 30 years retiring in the 1960s before the mines began to shut down. Grandpa passed away in 1989 and I am searching for recollections and stories about him from folks who lived in War or worked at the Caretta mine.
Thank you.

Eric Dameron-Wierwille
Grandson of "Sport" Dameron

If anyone has any information they'd like to share with Eric, please e-mail him directly at eric_wierwille@hboe.org



Information Needed on former
Coalwood, Berwind and War High Schools

Robert Bonar wrote:
I have been searching for some information on the schools that consolidated to form Big Creek, and I wondered if you could help. I am currently working on a project (in my spare time, it's a hobby) that deals with high schools in the state that have been consolidated or closed. Although Wahama claims to be, I believe that Big Creek is the first true consolidated high school in the state. My questions actually concern the former high schools at Berwind, Coalwood, and War (both the white and black schools). If you can provide answers to any of the following questions, or know someone who can, I would be very appreciative. I have come up empty in my attempts to find this information in the State Archives.
 1. Do the old high school buildings at Coalwood and War (both the white school and Excelsior) still exist? I have already learned from a former Berwind resident that the high school building there burned. I plan on coming to McDowell County in August or September and take pictures of the old buildings, but I wasn't sure if they were still there.
 2. Does any information survive on what Berwind, Coalwood, and War's mascot and school colors were? I have learned that Berwind Elementary was the Broncos/Red and Black, Coalwood Junior High was the Robins/Maroon and white (in the 1950s) and War is the Warriors/Blue and White. However, nothing I have read or talked to anyone about can confirm that these were adopted from the old high schools, though it seems likely.
 I really would appreciate any information you might have on the subject or any leads you can give me. There probably aren't many alumni of those three schools left, and I know I haven't found much documented information on this subject, so I am beginning to worry that this has been lost forever. Thank you very much for your time, and also thanks for the fantastic Coalwood website. It was a pleasure to look through the pictures, and I'll definitely have to come down and see the town for myself now!
 Thanks again!
 Robert Bonar,
 Harrisville, WV

If anyone has any information they'd like to share with Robert, please e-mail him directly at cobcom78@yahoo.com